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What our payroll offers

Pandora Payroll

Handling of Taxes

The system updates employee taxes automatically. It handles all calculations of tax such as NSSA and PAYE all by a button click and gives you journals, which list tax total amounts per month.

Handling of Commissions

The system keeps all records of commissions and the date they are set so as to add the commission to the employee on the month the payroll is made. This feature is automatic and needs no calculating or fetching government policies lists, it fetches and inputs on its own.

Handling of Overtime

We have developed the system to operate overtime as to how your company wishes it to be handled, you set the overtime amount per hour and the system does the rest, such as adding the amount to the employee while recording the action as an expenditure to the company

Creation of analysis and emailed payslips

The system sets an overview chart of your business's yearly payroll payouts. This allows for a deeper analysis of where your business is going in terms of retrenchment and recruitment. Also creates payslips and emails payslips to individuals with emails.

Specifics / Detailed

Why our system is best

Our payroll system was crafted from the reality that Zimbabwean businesses are facing, of having to formally teach employees about payroll system and how they work. This reality makes doing payrolls seem highly difficult and complicated. Our research team has found that 6 out of 10 businesses are still using Excel sheets, and still have to teach employees and these sheets are not secure and accurate. Excel sheets are cost effective but very time consuming, have a large Room for error and cannot be used to track down information. Some payrolls are too expensive yet the job is an easily done monthly activity

Our system :

The best for your business

Our provisions on this system are excellent and well presented, we are worth every penny and we prove it. Our system :

  • Provides Ease of use
  • Improves Compliance
  • Calculates Deductions and Net Income
  • Prepares Tax Forms
  • Keeps Records Effortlessly
  • Is based in the Cloud
Our software packages

Quality and Ease of use

Checkout software

A till system that elimites waiting and with inbuilt digtal receipts, intergrated with a mobile platform to help you pay and leave the shop faster and allow shops to do faster transactions

Transport management software

Does your business manage tranportation of employees and the handing over of cars to heads of departments ?. Then this system is for you. It calculates the amount of fuel and cost needed for each car and how big the car fuel tanks are, repairs and analysis.

Mining Traverse software (surveyors)

Traverse calculations are important for mining activities at your offical mining business. With the usual calculations done by head alot of errors are expected, This software makes it easier and prints out coordinates accurately

Mobile SCAN to PAY

With scanning technology you dont have to use credit or debit cards and cash anymore, in this era of CORONA virus and lockdowns. The elimination of cash and contact makes transactions faster.

We trust in your business and its Prosperity, Trust in us :)

Our simplicity is our guarantee

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